We glaze all of our products with low e glass and sealed insulated Argon filled units to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations Part L.
We can provide frames only or single glazing if required but please be aware that single glazing is normally only permitted in conservation areas.

Where necessary in order to comply with the Building Regulations Part N, glass in critical locations must be toughened or laminated. As a minimum standard toughened glass is used in all doors, or where a window is connected to a door, or where glazing is less than 800mm from the floor.


Wood is an adaptable raw resource which has tremendous insulation properties and it can add tremendous character to a home.
We use engineered triple layered laminated timber, which is stronger, less prone to warping and allows more efficient use timber and therefore less wastage.

We favour the use of wood because it is a renewable raw resource. It’s impact on climate change is far less damaging than the use of PVC.

PVC is environmentally unfriendly, involving 6 of the 15 most hazardous chemicals identified for priority elimination by international agreement! Dioxins, lead, mercury and cadmium are amongst the pollutants released during manufacture and disposal.

According to Greenpeace, each tonne of PVCu that is incinerated with other rubbish can produce as much as two tonnes of contaminated waste. This material, along with unburned PVCu, has to be landfilled and the heavy contaminants may then leach out into the water table . To make things worse, burning PVCu releases dioxin into the atmosphere. Dioxin is one of the most toxic synthetic chemicals on earth! The lamentable product also degrades when recycled and the virgin product is so cheap it is uneconomic to reuse it.

Timber, by comparison, is squeaky clean as long as it is from a sustainable source. It acts as a ‘carbon sink’ as it grows, it is durable and contains no harmful by-products.

Useful link to new report on Greenpeace website; but-still-condemns-pvc-windows-and-floors

Although we endeavour to make sure that our timber comes from sustainable well managed sources we don’t have an absolute guarantee of this and we are undertaking additional measures to reduce our impact on the environment by contributing towards tree planting programmes in the UK.