We produce wooden double glazed windows and doors and deliver throughout the UK. We specialise in Osmo coated oak windows and doors but also offer pine, larch and meranti.

Our wooden windows and doors are delivered factory finished and glazed ready for installation.

We use German tooling and computer aided manufacturing to deliver a high performance product.

Our windows and doors are designed with drainage in mind. This means water cannot pool anywhere and eventually cause rot to set in. As a further measure our pine frames are impregnated with a preservative as part of the Remmers coating process.

Our frames have built in expansion tolerances, so frame binding (opening sash sticking to the outer frame) is no longer an issue.


We use FSC accredited timbers.

Timber stability

Timber moves. This means it will expand and contract depending on its environment. To help prevent unwanted movement (twisting,warping) we use stabilised laminated scantlings (show photo “stabilised timber”) as recommended by IFT Rosenheim (the window “University” in Germany).


All doors and windows have multi-point high security locking including the use of anti-jimmy hinge claws.


Our IGU’s (insulated glazed units….the industry name for double glazing) utilise the latest glass technology (Planitherm) from Saint Gobain, the world’s largest glass producer. This means low centre pain U values of 1.0W/m2K achieved through the use of super spacer technology (which stops heat loss around the IGU’s perimeter) and Argon insulation (which stops heat loss by convection).
We can upgrade to triple glazing and offer passive house windows and doors.


Locks and hinges for windows by IPA Denmark, with handles by Roto or Hoppe. Other handle options include monkey tail and bulb end for period designs.
Locks for doors by Winkhaus, Roto or Hoppe, Europe’s leading manufacturers.
Windows can be side or top hung. Tilt and turn options available.


Water based micro-porous multi coating systems from Europe’s leading suppliers including Remmers and Sigma guarantee a consistent and durable coating to provide protection against the elements. Virtually any RAL colour is available. Dual colour finishes are optional.


Paint finishes; 10 year for opaque finishes (limited to lighter colours, with black limited to 5 years). Stains limited to 7 years.
Hardware; 10 years
Glazing failure; 10 years.
Rot; 20 years.

All our products are CE marked. Performance certificates or test reports available upon request.